Animal Communication: Sound & Beyond Enrichment Program

Animal Communication: Sound & Beyond Enrichment Program

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Wednesdays at 3:00 PM ET, September 30 - October 28

Why is spring so loud? What are all those birds, frogs, and bugs saying? Explore the science of sound, and how animals use behavior and coloration to communicate. You'll use your eyes and ears to creatively investigate your corner of the world, make a sound map, learn what sound looks like and why some animals are brightly colored, and discover the important role of sound in marine environments. Along the way, we'll meet live birds like a kookaburra and an Andean Condor. Presented in partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary.
Materials needed: Access to the outdoors, internet access, paper, pencils, and colored pencils or crayons. An additional material list may be shared a week prior to camp.

Week 1: Why & How do Animals Make Sounds?
Week 2: What does sound look like? - Meet a kookaburra
Week 3: Visual Communication - Meet a Bateleur Eagle
Week 4: Underwater Sound and Noise Pollution
Week 5: The Music of Nature

You will receive more information a week prior to the start of the program from one of your instructors.