Amazing Birds of the World Enrichment Program

Amazing Birds of the World Enrichment Program

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Thursdays at 4:00 PM ET, October 1-October 29

Discover the amazing birds of our world, from the wild and wacky, to the strange and beautiful. We'll explore bird diversity, flight, migration, and extreme survivors. Along the way, we'll meet live birds including vultures and other raptors. Join with other kids to get to know your bird neighbors both near and far, and discuss ways to protect them. Presented in partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary, with special guests from the International Crane Foundation.
Materials needed: Access to the outdoors, internet access, paper, pencils, and colored pencils or crayons. An additional material list may be shared a week prior to camp.

Week 1: Bird Diversity
Week 2: Extreme Diets - Meet a Vulture!
Week 3: Cranes of the World & Wetlands
Week 4: Amazing Flight and Migration
Week 5: Conservation Stories - Meet a raptor!

You will receive more information a week prior to the start of the program from one of your instructors.