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Celebrate Urban Birds is a bilingual year-round citizen science project focused on 16 species of birds that can be seen throughout the U.S.A, Canada, and much of Mexico. The project can be done in cities, suburbs, or rural locations. It is easy and free. Please visit www.CelebrateUrbanBirds.org to learn more and download your free online materials. If you would like to receive educational kits by postal mail please click below.

We encourage organizations working with underserved communities to participate. If you would like to receive educational kits and do not have the funds to purchase them – please contact us at urbanbirds@cornell.edu.

Please allow approximately 6 weeks for delivery of your kit.

Celebra las Aves Urbanas es un proyecto de ciencia participativa bilingüe (español/inglés), que se enfoca en 16 especies de aves comunes y fáciles de ver en Estados Unidos, Canadá y gran parte de México. El proyecto se puede llevar a cabo en ciudades, pueblos y en el campo. Es fácil y gratis. Por favor, visita nuestra página web en www.CelebrateUrbanBirds.org/es/ para saber más del proyecto y descargar materiales educativos gratis. Si deseas recibir nuestros paquetes de materiales educativos por correo postal, por favor, haz clic aquí abajo.

Le damos una especial invitación a organizaciones que trabajen con comunidades de bajos recursos económicos y desprivilegiadas para que participen con nosotros. Si deseas recibir paquetes de materiales educacionales para tu comunidad, y no tienes cómo pagarlos, por favor escríbenos a urbanbirds@cornell.edu.

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Celebrate Urban Birds Kit
Celebrate Urban Birds Kit
Our Price: USD$5.00

The Celebrate Urban Birds bilingual (English & Spanish) kit includes everything you will need to participate in this exciting yet simple citizen-science project. Remember you do NOT need to be in the city to participate in this project—you can participate anywhere! You'll receive a welcome letter with instructions and a bird identification guide on the back. You’ll also get a silhouette poster with cool facts so that you can learn to identify birds by looking at their shapes, and an identification poster featuring the 16 focal species in a whimsical urban setting. We have lots of practical information on the back about threats to birds in cities, ways to create a bird-friendly green space in your neighborhood, and how to attract birds. You'll also receive a data form and return envelope so you can record your observations and send them to the Cornell Lab. Each kit includes a Zero Means a Lot sticker to remind you to send in your observations even if you don’t see any birds, plus a packet of Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds for you to plant to attract birds.

Pricing $5 each
5+ --$2.50
25+ --$2.00
50+ --$1.50

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