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Be a Better Birder: Identification Webinars

  • Each of these one-hour webinars consists of a live interactive presentation followed by a question and answer period.
  • Each webinar highlights a specific group of birds and is designed to help beginning birders with their identification skills.
  • The series creator and presenter, Dr. Kevin McGowan, is the Home Study Course Instructor as well as the instructor for our popular online course, Investigating Behavior: Courtship and Rivalry in Birds.
  • Webinar format varies. All include some combination of photographs, videos, sounds, and audience feedback.
Please note:
  • Space is limited. Register early.
  • Registration closes the night before a scheduled webinar.
Cornell University does not offer academic credit for these webinars.

Requires a computer with at least 1 GB of RAM, a dual-core processor, a sound card, and a fast network connection.