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Raven Pro is a software program for the acquisition, visualization, measurement, and analysis of sounds. Raven Pro provides a powerful, user-friendly research and teaching tool for scientists working with acoustic signals. Raven Pro's highly configurable views provide unparalleled flexibility in data display.

Multiple license types are available including commercial, standard (academic/government/non-profit), instructional/lab, subscription, student, and semester. Quantity discounts are automatically deducted for commercial and standard licenses (5% discount for 4-6 licenses, 10% discount for 7 or more licenses) and for instructional/lab licenses (5% discount for 13-24 licenses, 10% discount for 25 or more licenses).

Discounted pricing of 100% is available on a per country basis. Check our pricing page to see if users in your country get a discount, and write to raven_orders@cornell.edu for details.

To learn more about Raven's capabilities, visit the Raven web site.

Tax-exempt purchases

If you belong to a tax-exempt organization and would like to make a purchase without paying sales tax, you must login to the online store using the login page. Click on the Continue button under New Customers. You will then be able to register on the site. We will need to verify your tax-exempt status so please fax a copy of your tax-exempt form to 607-254-2460 or send a scanned copy to raven_orders@cornell.edu, telling us your email address so we can find you in the online store. Once we verify your status, we will update your account to note that you should not be charged tax and notify you that you can make your purchase.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on the new Raven Pro 1.5 beta and the creation of a new team of Raven Ambassadors to help educate scientists and students around the world on sound analysis and best practices when using Raven Pro.

Order Raven Pro at http://store.birds.cornell.edu/Raven_Pro_p/ravenpro.htm.

Get more information about Raven Pro at http://RavenSoundSoftware.com.

The Raven Team

Note: Cornell University reserves the right to change the price of Raven Pro at any time without notice. We do not plan to support all versions forever, so please check the web site to see if your version is currently supported. If not, then download the latest version and upgrade your license for free. Upgrades to 1.x versions of Raven Pro have always been free, but at some point, we may release version 2.0, which may include an upgrade fee. Raven Pro permanent licenses never expire, so even if we do release a version 2.0 at some point in the future, you will still be able to use version 1.4 or 1.5 as long as you want without paying anything more.

License types
  • Commercial: This permanent software license is for commercial and industry users.
  • Standard: This permanent software license is for academic researchers, government researchers, and non-profit researchers.
  • Instructional/Lab: This permanent software license is for educational institutions using Raven Pro to teach about sound analysis in the classroom or lab.
  • Subscription: This one-year software license is for academic, government, or non-profit research. It is not available to commercial customers. Yearly renewals must be purchased to continue the license. The license cannot be upgraded to a Standard license.
  • Student: This one-year software license is for students and postdocs. To receive free, one-year renewals to this license, the student or postdoc must have his or her advisor contact raven_orders@cornell.edu with verification that the license holder is a student at a K-12 school or institution of higher learning. Once the student receives his or her terminal degree or the postdoc completes his or her postdoctoral appointment, the license is no longer renewable.
  • Semester: This one-semester software license is for student use as part of a class that uses Raven Pro as a required tool. The license will expire at the end of the semester, either January 31 for the fall semester or June 30 for the spring semester.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
RAVENPRO-COM Raven Pro commercial license
RAVENPRO-STA Raven Pro standard license (Academic, Government, and Non-profit Research)
RAVENPRO-LAB Raven Pro instructional/lab license (minimum quantity: 4)
RAVENPRO-SUB-04 Raven Pro one year subscription license
RAVENPRO-STU-04 Raven Pro student first-year license
RAVENPRO-SEM-SPRING Raven Pro spring semester license
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To learn more about Raven's features, visit the Raven features page.

Technical Specs:
To learn more about Raven's technical specs, visit the Raven system requirements page.

Extended Information:
To learn more about Raven's features, visit the Raven features page.

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